About Dr. Grewal

Dr. Grewal
Mission Ridge, CA

I have always enjoyed working with my hands. Like an artist paints on canvas and uses brushes, in dentistry, patients are the canvas and my tools help my patients to keep their teeth healthy and their smiles bright. My introduction to dentistry was in 1996 when my sister joined a dental school in India. I grew fascinated by her coursework and projects so I followed her path closely. 

It was 1998 when I secured my admission into one of the most prestigious dental schools in Northern India: SGRD Institute of Dental Sciences & Research. I completed a comprehensive 5 year BDS ( Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degree program and graduated in 2003 as a licensed dentist. After that, I performed voluntary service at a local charitable hospital in my hometown for 1 year and obtained valuable experience in clinical dentistry and patient management.

In July 2004, I finished my Masters in Public Health (MPH) in the USA after 1 year at UC Davis in Davis, CA. I completed my public health practicum experience with the State Office of Oral Health in Sacramento, CA.

From there, I joined UCSF School of Dentistry in July 2005 and graduated from the IDP ( International Dentist Program) in July, 2007 and after taking some time off to start a family and create a business plan, Mission Ridge Family Dentistry was born a few years later in April 2012.

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