About Dr. Chaitanya

Dr. Chaitanya Bandarupalli
Mission Ridge Family Dentistry
Fremont, CA

Hello Everyone,

This is Dr Chaitanya Bandarupalli. My passion towards Biological sciences and having fine hand skills made me choose dentistry as profession. I joined SRM Dental college in India in 2000 and graduated in 2006. I worked for 2 years in Dental school and a private dental office in India. After that, I moved to United States, to pursue my dream of Doctor of Dental Surgery. After intensive exams, interviews, I was offered admission into the prestigious UCSF International Dentist Program. I excelled with honors in Periodontology and Implantology.

I learned and excelled by working in community clinics and private practices on various procedures such as deep cleaning (SRPs), Root canals (Endodontics), Crown and Bridge, Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, surgical extractions with bone graft and Implants with emphasis on patient education.

We reside in Fremont, CA. Our team at Mission Ridge family Dentistry's goal is to provide quality dental care, ethical practice and treating patients with empathy thus providing comprehensive dental care.

Thank You
Dr Chaitanya Bandarupalli

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